Been so Long

It has been quite a while since I last blogged bout the lil gal and all our activities… we had quite a dramatic 3rd quarter of the year. Lil missy kept falling sick… flu, fever, hfmd, bronchitis then UTI and flu again all in a span of 2 months.

And so we spend less than half a term in school for term 3!

We survived the sept holiday alone as papa was away up north and we had a pretty fun time as Edna kept asking to stay over at popo’s house so mama got some free nights to rest and self entertain.

We also had our 2nd meet the parents conference in school and all was fine and good. In fact teacher said she had made a lot of improvement in terms of sitting down properly. From ants in pants to now she probably turn her head around occasionally.. Its a great improvement.

We haven done anything NEW in terms of academic as i gave her a summer break of 3 months! and so ‘class’ just resume at home! But we have decided to do away with her ballet for now. she can join the school’s ballet class next year!


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First Meet The Parents session

Today is a big day for the lil girl… her first MTP session… big day since it determine mama’s impression of both the school as well as her child’s learning ability

I was geared up for some complaint which luckily did not exist.

Instead I was reminded by the teachers that Edna went to school not knowing any chinese. Her form teacher who is a chinese teacher had problem giving instruction to her, to the extend of having to speak english to explain. 3 months on, she is well verse in speaking chinese as well as reading. Even singing of chinese songs in school, she could pronounce the words pretty well.


The only problem if regarded as one would be she can hardly stay focus when playing toys or eating. Easily distracted. It seems like its in her character that she is so… pretty hard to improve. Otherwise during lesson time she is pretty focus and keen to participate.

Before we left, I request for photo taking with her teachers.

Thanx to the 3 delicate teachers (4 in fact since Mrs Chan had left the school this term) that help groom my child to a big kid.

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Ballet updates

It been 3 lessons since the first ballet class..not all is smooth sailing.. she wasn’t attentive in class.. running around not taking instruction… I punished her for the rest of the day after that class. the subsequent class(last week) was good till the last 10 minutes.

We shall see how it goes tomorrow.

but for now she tells me she have to listen to teacher.. when I ask what happen if she do not listen? she replied: mama will beat….

oh well my dear girl..u choose this class.. u better do it properly n not misbehave else our life will be very miserable!

1st formal class in her ballet dress


Otw to class

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Mama I want to go Ballet class!

I don’t know why..but the ballerina fever is back..the last time she was mad about ballerina wast before she turn 2… that was because she watch Angelina Ballerina and so she had a birthday cake with that figurine.

For past month she been bugging me everyday apart from music class she wants to try ballet… and she will do all funny move to show me she can dance n balance.

That’s my lil girl trying to lift her leg high n straight…

At times she embarrass me at friends’ house. she walked into the house n start rattling about how she can do ballet and can balance n start doing all this stunts.

Finally we decided to send her for a trial class. Unfortunately she fall asleep along the way and I knew she isn’t going to participate.


she sat there or walk away when ask to dance around with the teacher.

Luckily the school was very nice. they offered her another trial today and allow us to decide if she wanna go for it. We managed to get a timing before her music class n so wedun have to make 2 trips to 2 places. I thought i have to sit in to watch her… however, along the way to the class..she actually told me to wait outside while she goes for ballet. Of cos the mama can’t put her heart at ease..and spent 40 mins spying on her outside class.. she was doing ok in class except she was too active n refuse to participate attimes..wandering off to her own corners. the girls in class were great.. some try to coax and pull her back to join thou many times they failed. but I would say I love this class of girls who have such initiative.


After class, she was very happy and proudly told papa who was waiting at the fast food restaurant that she had attended a ballet class and loving it. We need to buy a pair of ballet shoes for her next! I know she will not be doing much in that class but so long as she is happy…


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My innocent lil fella

We were at the resort having a staycation. Bugger requested for pizza… because lunch at HRC was lasagna and she requested to use her hand to eat .. all because there was tomato sauce on it and she say it looks like pizza…

After lunch we shop around.. looking for dinner ideas.. while browsing thru some dinner menu she suddenly exclaim she don’t want eat these(chinese food)..she said she wants pizza for dinner… she said she want real pizza!!! ok I got what she means… we know she will have no problem eating if we really have pizza for dinner. and so we decided to buy pizza back to hotel for dinner.

While I lazed around playing games on ipad.. She had her 5 cheese pizza while papa had his gourmet pizza.. when she curiously peered over the pizza papa was eating and I heard her asking: papa why are u eating grass? why u eat grass like cow???

I burst out laughing…

This is the grass pizza papa ate…

the innocence in her brighten our day =D

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Edna loves play doh.. and so when she received a play doh set from 1 of her fave aunty for xmas.. I know she will b v please… but the mess… im not going to be pleased. so I kept it for a while… finally 1 day.. before she went to nap I told her… go to sleep now… you will have a surprise when you wake up… the surprise was play doh set to meddle with! since then.. she tot surprise is playdoh…

Recently she finally realize playdoh is no longer listed as surprise.

Anyway her new surprise was a new paint set.

I drew something simple for her to paint…

she definitely had a good time painting them especially there wasnt school due to the 1 week holiday and I grounded her at home due to HFMD scare.


She is very into chinese now.. could recognize quite a bit of character and so I try to let her read the three character classic instead of her reciting only

And she love the readers now.. she got quite a few set.. some on loan from her cousin.. many times she memorizes the story..but at least when I ask her to point out to certain words she was able to do so.. guess the phonic works!

She love story buffet before sleep.. a way to fight sleep!!!

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Took out the hama beads for the lil fella to meddle with..she kept asking me to buy when she was at the shop the other day.. so i took out… I was a bit kiasu i guess.. I gave her the 5-year-old set… not knowing whats the difference. She took 100 years to fix half a picture and never complete it… spilling the beads along the way.. of cos resulting in scolding n caning cos I warn her not to spill(she plays w the bowls n beads), she spilled some 1000 beads that day and was punished to pick up every single bead by herself. I know I am being very nasty but she needs to know mama means business. she spent a good 15 minutes picking them up..

Finally I realise I have the 3-year-old set… and gave those to her instead..she work better with it but still can never finish the craft…

After much coaxing and bluffing… she finally finished the craft in 2 session… she JUMPED and shouted hooray when she laid her last beads on the template.. it was such a joy for her.. and of cos for me. her attention span is far too short… and this is 1 big achievement.

I told her I had ear pain and the only way to have it fixed is to have her finished up this craft¬†… and since then ever time she see this piece of work she reminded me that my ears are not in pain anymore. My lil fella.. full of sympathy..and so only this trick works for her -=p

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