I used to eat brown rice daily for my lunch before I got pregnant. Nutritious and filling.

Then I used to give Edna only white rice, sometimes adding on brown rice or millet only as part of her starch dish when she started semi solid. I noticed she has slightly harder poo (pliable but not constipated thou) if she eats partial brown rice. So I can only give her 2 times a week(4 meals).

Then I tried on the 5 grains mix and she doesn’t get pliable poo. Likely its due to the barley and millet in it. So I give it to her every lunch and dinner unless she takes pasta or noodles for the meal. Its nutritious and easy to cook (same ways as rice). You can buy the individual grains to mix or u can buy the already mixed grains from health stores.

For her steam baked snapper I did for her today, I did the grains in semi rice form.

Half rice half porridge

Try cooking it, its great for adults too!

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