Edna loves play doh.. and so when she received a play doh set from 1 of her fave aunty for xmas.. I know she will b v please… but the mess… im not going to be pleased. so I kept it for a while… finally 1 day.. before she went to nap I told her… go to sleep now… you will have a surprise when you wake up… the surprise was play doh set to meddle with! since then.. she tot surprise is playdoh…

Recently she finally realize playdoh is no longer listed as surprise.

Anyway her new surprise was a new paint set.

I drew something simple for her to paint…

she definitely had a good time painting them especially there wasnt school due to the 1 week holiday and I grounded her at home due to HFMD scare.


She is very into chinese now.. could recognize quite a bit of character and so I try to let her read the three character classic instead of her reciting only

And she love the readers now.. she got quite a few set.. some on loan from her cousin.. many times she memorizes the story..but at least when I ask her to point out to certain words she was able to do so.. guess the phonic works!

She love story buffet before sleep.. a way to fight sleep!!!

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