I been not well for the past weeks. Started with sore throat n then it got worse.. giving me endless headache. Usually my threshold of pain is rather high.. so I will not notice I have a sore throat until it gets really bad.

Finally on sat the body gave way and I had fever after our JB trip. The fever broke over night.. I managed to sweat it out. But throat was still sore… SAHM do not have MC nor leave.. sad rite?

Now I having some dry cough which is really irritating. I finally went to the doctor today after request the papa to come back early as i did feel sick in morning.  Thou i did feel better later in the afternoon. I managed to sneak some nap thou I could hear Edna screaming and playing outside.

In the morning I was trying to avoid Edna… because I know she will get spanking or scolding from me if she irritates me too much while im unwell. So i got my butt off the chair and did a stew for dinner while cooking her pasta lunch.

I did this simple stew recipe ripped from Jamie Oliver’s site. While its simple.. the ingredients cost me a bomb but I think its definitely worth it since Edna get to eat it too.

I regretted not buying more artichoke for this… I heart artichoke!

Beef Stew

Edna had her portion with rice =)

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2 Responses to Sick

  1. Rachel Citrella says:

    Hi Jo,

    Hope you are feeling better already. HUGS.
    Just want to let you know that I’m reading your entries 🙂

  2. seahan says:

    Hi gal! hehe nice to see ya here!!!! stay pretty n be a happy bride!

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