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7th Tooth is out!

well.. .after much swelling that I saw for the past week.. finally the 7th tooth is out! lower left one!!! woootz! She is not as cranky this few days.. I assumed teething temporary halted! =D Advertisements

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Self Feeding

Today marks the end  of Edna’s 13 month and I thought since Im free, why not let her try self feeding? It will keep my hands free when I am eating with her outside if she can self feed properly… … Continue reading

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I was reminded of an incident last night when we came back from Serene’s . Usually Edna will be very tired and would have fallen asleep otw home despite its a short journey. Yesterday, we took Xav’s toy car home.. … Continue reading

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“long” weekend

Its gonna be a “long” weekend for me. Long as in alone with Edna. Since Papa have got class on mon/weds evening… I already have to watch Edna myself… and on thurs he had to work late.. by time he … Continue reading

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Suddenly..this girl doesnt seem to have any significant milestone after her birthday! I take her 1st words were ‘kor kor’, ‘car’, ‘isk” aka fish… since she barely call papa or mama. These 3 words are the most commonly mumbled by … Continue reading

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6th tooth

This afternoon I saw the tooth on her upper right cutting through!!!  just a mere bit… and now I noticed her lower right gum is swelling too! hmmm… fast n furious!!! She been fussing so so much.. Last week when … Continue reading

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Back to school!

Its term 3 for the year..thou its Edna 2nd term officially. And she got 2 friends as class mate! Tomi and Joie! Anyway, she seems to have ‘forgotten’ on how to socialise n play w her friends in school. All … Continue reading

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