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Was on the way home from mum’s last night, when Edna was in the mood to sing. She is super fussy with her songs nowadays that I am running out of songs to play for her. on her cheery days, … Continue reading

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Colors on a plate

Capsicum is 1 of the usual ingredients in Edna’s porridge. Usually I give her the red ones since she gets the greens from other leafy vegetables. Yesterday when I was at finest, I saw the black capsicum.. I thought it … Continue reading

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18 months old

With the school holiday coming to an end, we have not even made any excursion trip to anywhere. Yesterday, We thought of going to the zoo since papa will be on leave. But friend told us underwater world is having … Continue reading

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Xmas 2010

Its Edna’s 2nd Xmas. And its my 3rd Xmas with no party at home since I am too busy with her to prepare any food for a home party. I used to roast a chicken or turkey along side with … Continue reading

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Phi Phi island Trip

Managed to convince papa to join us for the tour.. He was reluctant to go.. Probably because of Edna. The near 8 hours trip on sea might be too much for a 18mth old toddler to take. But we went … Continue reading

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We had a short holiday to Phuket. Edna’s 2nd flight trip. To prep for the flight journey(1.5hrs) I gotta pack in her crayons, coloring papers, iPad, lacing cards, n toys to keep her still in the seat. Not to forget, … Continue reading

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Sew Good

While papa was away, I renew my addiction on sewing… Afterall what can I do at night facing the PC? With some guidance from 2 friends, I managed to make some dresses for who else but Edna Batik Print summer … Continue reading

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