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Xmas holidays

Edna had asked for a holiday..and she said she wanted to sit on airplane… mama is too lazy and we had travelled to Europe earlier we decided since she like horses we are going on a horse riding holiday … Continue reading

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Mama..I think…

Edna uses the phrase ‘I think’ very often when she wants to tell us her thoughts or opinions. Guess its partly due to how I speak to her usually. I try to create questions to rack her brains so she … Continue reading

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It’s the school holiday… Xmas is around the corner… Mama haven’t got the mood to teach Edna anything… loads of shows in the various malls to catch! Before I had a child… when I see people queuing for shows… I … Continue reading

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Music Class lesson 4

Today was a recap of crotchet as well as allegro. Also she was taught how to ‘clap’ a crotchet. Previously I taught her so at home and I was worried I was teaching her wrongly. was glad that the teacher … Continue reading

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