Terrible 2 Not….(long post)

Many people mention bout terrible twos when a child hit 2 years old. I haven seen a significant change in Edna.. probably she was really terrible to begin with and I will be thankful if this is her max =D

Some days she is like an angel.. some days she torture me hell loads with her whining. I attribute the negative with her teething. As much as I know maybe it’s not! Few weeks back she begin to stick to me like a leech.. everything has to be done by mama.. change diaper, bath, carry, etc… just yesterday she broke out into tears at home when she couldn’t find me in her last seen location(I sneak into her room quietly) despite papa is at home. she just doesn’t want papa!

The girl who love to request to sleep on mama bed!


We brought her to NDP rehearsal few weeks back too.. she impressed me with her newly minted patience by sitting under the hot sun waiting for show to start 2 hours later despite only having a 20 mins power nap before that. And so she sat and stood and JUMP around her seat for 2 hours until we finally had the show starting. Makes sense tat we choose an isle seat so she could move around. It’s not her 1st time to such event anyway.. SHe went to YOG closing ceremony but she was restless at the end and wanted to walk around. this time around, she was better. until the fire works came bk and she cried for no apparent reason. Probably got scared! Anyway.. fast forward to 2 weeks later, 1 night, as I was putting her to bed, I told her what we will do the next day… and the next thing she replied was: bring Edna see fire works.
An amazing request! she hardly has any request usually. And she reminded me again the next day. Where to find fire works as and when? Last saturday before we went out(we were going to the library) and she said: go see fire works!
the idea is still lingering in her mind!!! looks like we need to go for dinner with live fire works again this year!

Angelic side…

Today, papa had to go off to work for a few days… leaving us at home… we went to SAM in the morning. And before she sleep, I told her tomorrow we shall visit another museum.  She got a new request!! she said: go swimming!!!! oh well… baby..mama forgot to take the club membership card from papa.. (lousy excuse!)

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One Response to Terrible 2 Not….(long post)

  1. She’s cute! My son is 20 months and I reckon he has started his terrible twos.. He has also been pretty clingy, only wanting mummy to do everything and pushing daddy away when he comes for a hug! I am hoping this will be the extent of it and he doesn’t start throwing tantrums in supermarkets!

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