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Crying spell is BACK!

I was reading my previous post and realised that it seems like every month Edna will have crying spell! She been whiny and spitting out some of her food since last thursday. I thought she din like the minced pork … Continue reading

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I remember when i was young, 四神 will be added to our brown rice, grind together and cook into puree for our daily meals, Usually added into our milk. It is believe that this 4 herbal items which is neither too … Continue reading

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7th Tooth is out!

well.. .after much swelling that I saw for the past week.. finally the 7th tooth is out! lower left one!!! woootz! She is not as cranky this few days.. I assumed teething temporary halted! =D

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6th tooth

This afternoon I saw the tooth on her upper right cutting through!!!  just a mere bit… and now I noticed her lower right gum is swelling too! hmmm… fast n furious!!! She been fussing so so much.. Last week when … Continue reading

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5th tooth

After near 3 months of being stuck with 4 teeth..finally the upper right tooth is here!!! wootz!!!! Ok actually I dont want her to teeth so fast cos we have photo shoots in Aug. And I thought 4 teeth is … Continue reading

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2nd, 3rd and 4th tooth

Within a  span of 3 weeks, Edna got 3 more new teeth!!! That explains the fussing!! Imagine having 4 teeth out almost at the same time… and she definitely do not had ‘thin gum’s ‘…

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1st tooth

Finally after months of fussing n crankiness… her 1st tooth cut through!!!! right after she turn 9 months! It would have taken longer… luckily she had a cyst on her gum ..that broke 2 days ago and aided the tooth … Continue reading

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