Mama, Thank You Very Much

This is the last thing in my mind that I thought I will heard my child says. After all she is only 18 months old. Barely can speak properly.

While I was hanging up her laundry, Edna was playing with my soft toy which we named it Giffy. Half way, I guess she got bored.. she walked to me and handed Giffy to me. As I took it over from her, she said: Mama, Tank kew ver much.

I froze for a second(or 2?). My girl spoke to me in a sentence! I wasnt surprise that she thank me since she is trained to say thank you(she usually signs thank you thou). In the restaurant when the waitress brings us any high chair or stuff she signs thank you. when I give her anything she says that too. she thank people 75% of the time. It’s just a matter of we realised it a not since she signs in her own signs.

I was elated when I heard her and ran to papa telling him that she had spoken her 1st sentence! I give myself credits for this since I been trying very hard to teach her all these. every time after she gives me something or when she cooperate, I thank her. slowly, I incorporated the words’ very much’ as well as ‘ you are welcome’ to her as well. Today I got my result slip! I can’t believe it still.. When i ask her to repeat.. she doesn’t want. I guess it just came to her naturally when she said that.

She knows quite a couple of causal words. When she goes off to the playground with papa (usually i stay at home to have my me time or to cook), without prompting she will come to me and say bye-bye.. see you..

On the way to playground (papa says she usually will try to run off w/o him), she will just head straight and tell him bye-bye,see you!… that’s my girl!

Heres my cutie pie with her elephant mask which she adores for now!

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One Response to Mama, Thank You Very Much

  1. Rachel says:

    wah clever Edna 🙂 She must be imitating you alot at this tender age. Monkey see monkey do. Jiayou Edna!~

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