Took out the hama beads for the lil fella to meddle with..she kept asking me to buy when she was at the shop the other day.. so i took out… I was a bit kiasu i guess.. I gave her the 5-year-old set… not knowing whats the difference. She took 100 years to fix half a picture and never complete it… spilling the beads along the way.. of cos resulting in scolding n caning cos I warn her not to spill(she plays w the bowls n beads), she spilled some 1000 beads that day and was punished to pick up every single bead by herself. I know I am being very nasty but she needs to know mama means business. she spent a good 15 minutes picking them up..

Finally I realise I have the 3-year-old set… and gave those to her instead..she work better with it but still can never finish the craft…

After much coaxing and bluffing… she finally finished the craft in 2 session… she JUMPED and shouted hooray when she laid her last beads on the template.. it was such a joy for her.. and of cos for me. her attention span is far too short… and this is 1 big achievement.

I told her I had ear pain and the only way to have it fixed is to have her finished up this craft … and since then ever time she see this piece of work she reminded me that my ears are not in pain anymore. My lil fella.. full of sympathy..and so only this trick works for her -=p

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