Mama I want to go Ballet class!

I don’t know why..but the ballerina fever is back..the last time she was mad about ballerina wast before she turn 2… that was because she watch Angelina Ballerina and so she had a birthday cake with that figurine.

For past month she been bugging me everyday apart from music class she wants to try ballet… and she will do all funny move to show me she can dance n balance.

That’s my lil girl trying to lift her leg high n straight…

At times she embarrass me at friends’ house. she walked into the house n start rattling about how she can do ballet and can balance n start doing all this stunts.

Finally we decided to send her for a trial class. Unfortunately she fall asleep along the way and I knew she isn’t going to participate.


she sat there or walk away when ask to dance around with the teacher.

Luckily the school was very nice. they offered her another trial today and allow us to decide if she wanna go for it. We managed to get a timing before her music class n so wedun have to make 2 trips to 2 places. I thought i have to sit in to watch her… however, along the way to the class..she actually told me to wait outside while she goes for ballet. Of cos the mama can’t put her heart at ease..and spent 40 mins spying on her outside class.. she was doing ok in class except she was too active n refuse to participate attimes..wandering off to her own corners. the girls in class were great.. some try to coax and pull her back to join thou many times they failed. but I would say I love this class of girls who have such initiative.


After class, she was very happy and proudly told papa who was waiting at the fast food restaurant that she had attended a ballet class and loving it. We need to buy a pair of ballet shoes for her next! I know she will not be doing much in that class but so long as she is happy…


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