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She is good enough!!!

This is often something I heard from my friends when they see me trying to teach Edna how to read/’study’. For a 2-year-old, it’s really good enough. But how about the mentality of trying to learn something new.. renewing ourselves. … Continue reading

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DOggie doggie…

My lil girl loves animals.. especially dogs. When we visit friends who have dogs at home.. likely she be busy chasing after the dog instead of talking or playing with her own friends of her age. Once she spent so … Continue reading

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Over the moon…

Its been over a week since Edna turned 2. And she had significantly grew in terms of character since last Wednesday! She suddenly could role play, talk more and make up funny syllabus out of some words. She had been … Continue reading

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Imaginary Play

lil girl is starting to imagine play at home herself. She was busy playing with her stack toys..stack it as high as it could be. she walks around the house talking while holding the stack toy. I couldn’t quite catch … Continue reading

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Was on the way home from mum’s last night, when Edna was in the mood to sing. She is super fussy with her songs nowadays that I am running out of songs to play for her. on her cheery days, … Continue reading

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