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Talking to your child

I talk a lot to Edna. like I mentioned in previous post.. I sing to her once I knew I conceived… so do I talk to her. After she was born, I continue with all the talking..when I pushed her … Continue reading

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My lil sweetie

I always sing twinkle twinkle to Edna, since the day I knew she was conceived. One night.. Before she slept… I saw her signing to herself twinkle twinkle… She was singing to herself to sleep(she couldn’t speak then) Fast forward … Continue reading

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Most of the time int his 2 years, we try to praise Edna as much as possible. hoping that it will create positivity in her life. Of cos at times when she is naughty, we scold or punish her as … Continue reading

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Terrible 2 Not….(long post)

Many people mention bout terrible twos when a child hit 2 years old. I haven seen a significant change in Edna.. probably she was really terrible to begin with and I will be thankful if this is her max =D … Continue reading

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Accident… tsk tsk

Silly Edna gave me a scare just now. she toppled my full height mirror n it fell on her… obviously the mirror crack/broke. It began with her following papa into the room when he was going to have his shower … Continue reading

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New words

She said Apple, round(refer to her tummy) and book today… the other day she repeated 谢谢 after me, thou she pronounce it as ‘zyea zyea’ Kids are amazing. They can just pick up anything we say or do easily. she … Continue reading

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Crying spell is BACK!

I was reading my previous post and realised that it seems like every month Edna will have crying spell! She been whiny and spitting out some of her food since last thursday. I thought she din like the minced pork … Continue reading

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