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Took out the hama beads for the lil fella to meddle with..she kept asking me to buy when she was at the shop the other day.. so i took out… I was a bit kiasu i guess.. I gave her … Continue reading

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School close for 2 weeks due to HFMD

School is out for two weeks due to HFMD outbreak.. we were bored stiff at home… times like this..paint are a savior to me! Helps me occupy the lil fella for at least 20 mins(only!) Other time.. I get her … Continue reading

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Learning Chinese

We never speak chinese at home since english was the median language between me and the hubby. So naturally, we do not speak mandarin to Edna. NOt that our english is good, but I would prefer her to learn english … Continue reading

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She is good enough!!!

This is often something I heard from my friends when they see me trying to teach Edna how to read/’study’. For a 2-year-old, it’s really good enough. But how about the mentality of trying to learn something new.. renewing ourselves. … Continue reading

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