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Tantrums (again)

Terribly busy for this week.. CNY is round the corner and here I am busy rushing my cookies order!!!!! Neglect this little fella quite a bit. most of the days, I laze around the house to rest while she play, … Continue reading

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Singing 3 little monkeys

Edna is very picky bout the songs we play when we put her in car seat while we drive. 90% of the time she is crying… Usually by the time we are out of car park she already started to … Continue reading

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Mama, Thank You Very Much

This is the last thing in my mind that I thought I will heard my child says. After all she is only 18 months old. Barely can speak properly. While I was hanging up her laundry, Edna was playing with … Continue reading

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Imaginary Play

lil girl is starting to imagine play at home herself. She was busy playing with her stack toys..stack it as high as it could be. she walks around the house talking while holding the stack toy. I couldn’t quite catch … Continue reading

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1st day of Play Club

From the episode last night… this drama queen is still giving me problem.. make a huge fuss before we left home for school.. I was rushing to cook her lunch and out of the house! she refused to have her … Continue reading

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Accident… tsk tsk

Silly Edna gave me a scare just now. she toppled my full height mirror n it fell on her… obviously the mirror crack/broke. It began with her following papa into the room when he was going to have his shower … Continue reading

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