Learning Chinese

We never speak chinese at home since english was the median language between me and the hubby. So naturally, we do not speak mandarin to Edna. NOt that our english is good, but I would prefer her to learn english first then chinese.

When she was about 2 year old, she started to stay over with my mum once a week over night. that mere 14 hours there was good enough for her to pick up some basic mandarin(oh ok not perfect too).

We do notice in school they tend to speak more mandarin … i was panicking since I’m really worried about her english. Anyway since she had learnt to read some English words, I thought a good balance of chinese is needed. the previous attempt to teach her how to read the chinese numeric character was a flop!!!!! I guess she is confuse with the numeric numbers. Then I decided to change to another set of books which I got for her(yes I have many different set of books!)

Strangely but good, this set of book works better for her.

In no time(about 2 to 3 session of 10 mins each) she could recognise some of the 12 characters.

I make her stick the words onto the felt cloth as it is more fun this way.

I was surprise she could differentiate between 太 and 大. words like 笑 and 哭 was a breeze too.

Looks like I can continue with the same set of books for now.

Usually after I finish the session on this book, I move on to another book from another set and run through quickly with her(different word) just to capture n ‘erase’ her memory for the next day.

The journey of learning is long… they really need to start young… and learn in the fun way

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