School close for 2 weeks due to HFMD

School is out for two weeks due to HFMD outbreak.. we were bored stiff at home…

times like this..paint are a savior to me! Helps me occupy the lil fella for at least 20 mins(only!)

Other time.. I get her to do some tracing.. preparing her for writing …

Luckily we still have music class for her to get by once a week…

she is enjoying it a lot.. and she finally started to learn where is ‘C’


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Learning Chinese

We never speak chinese at home since english was the median language between me and the hubby. So naturally, we do not speak mandarin to Edna. NOt that our english is good, but I would prefer her to learn english first then chinese.

When she was about 2 year old, she started to stay over with my mum once a week over night. that mere 14 hours there was good enough for her to pick up some basic mandarin(oh ok not perfect too).

We do notice in school they tend to speak more mandarin … i was panicking since I’m really worried about her english. Anyway since she had learnt to read some English words, I thought a good balance of chinese is needed. the previous attempt to teach her how to read the chinese numeric character was a flop!!!!! I guess she is confuse with the numeric numbers. Then I decided to change to another set of books which I got for her(yes I have many different set of books!)

Strangely but good, this set of book works better for her.

In no time(about 2 to 3 session of 10 mins each) she could recognise some of the 12 characters.

I make her stick the words onto the felt cloth as it is more fun this way.

I was surprise she could differentiate between 太 and 大. words like 笑 and 哭 was a breeze too.

Looks like I can continue with the same set of books for now.

Usually after I finish the session on this book, I move on to another book from another set and run through quickly with her(different word) just to capture n ‘erase’ her memory for the next day.

The journey of learning is long… they really need to start young… and learn in the fun way

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She is good enough!!!

This is often something I heard from my friends when they see me trying to teach Edna how to read/’study’. For a 2-year-old, it’s really good enough. But how about the mentality of trying to learn something new.. renewing ourselves. I believe such thoughts need to be cultivated from young. I cannot imagine how complacent my child will be if I tell her this is good enough.. there is no need to further improve.

kids being kids, they assume what is told to them applies to everything. so why not inject positivity into them?

To survive in this society, upgrading is a must. It doesn’t have to be academically but the very least.. the motivation should be there.

The school been having too much HFMD cases lately and we decide she should stop school for this week… until every thing settles. And so out came my chinese flash cards(I got 5 diff brands/set. I haven’t got time to do it with her since she usually plays with toys when she is back from school and then dinner/bath and story time and lights off.

Today I try teaching her chinese numerals..she seems stuck… chinese reading is not as easy as it seems. I took out a few character which is in her chinese story book for her to hunt and match. she managed to match them… through comparing the ‘patterns’ of the strokes. I know its not the best way but at least her brain is working

It takes me about 15 to 20 mins to do these with her. any longer I am exhausted and so is she!

Other time she plays with her toys. The amount of new toys she have at home is enough to stop her from taking her nap!!!!!

Her new-found love..barbie dolls

she used to be afraid of these pretty barbies… but not anymore!!!

Today I saw her playing with  1 of them. I asked if the barbie could stand?(I ask my friend the same question too cos i never had a barbie doll before!) and Edna replied: no..barbie cannot stand.. but she can dance! and she showed me how barbie dances.

for the next 1 hour she was busying with them… im sure when she realize she can change their clothes, mama will be even busier!!!!

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Past 2 lessons in music class, Bach was introduce to the kids. They were taught what music Bach wrote. Seriously… I thought its too tough for the kids . I was too lazy to dig out my cds and so most of the time I used the humming method to revise with Edna once a while in the 2 weeks. In her toy violin plays a Bach’s Lover’s concerto as well… one day as she was playing with her lap top, she stumbled upon the musical section and accidentally hit a button and came a music.. I was busy watching tv then when I heard her exclaiming: Ma!!MAMA!! its Bach! Its Mr Bach’s music!!!!!! So true.. it was the same piece … in a slight different tune..and she recognize it!

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Like I mention in the previous post, I started showing flash card to Edna again after a few months hiatus because she wasn’t responding to my flashing… After about 10 days or so or flashing..once or twice a day depending on my schedule… I was really skeptical since I do think she recognize them by the color printed on the card… today Out of the blue at my friend house i decided to test her with the white board she was playing with. After all, if she can read mummy’s ugly handwriting.. means she really can read right?

And so she did! except that she was too busy playing she refuse to read everything.. even 1 word is good enough.. she had only did the flash card for 10 days or less!

and so I guess its true that some kids right brain(or is it left?) only opens up at around the age of 3..before that they definitely cant absorb anything..guess my gal is int his category…

im riding on this now… since she is acting like a sponge…


meanwhile when she is free, she plays with her laptop. Im surprise she can understand the instruction.

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Day 5 of school

Yesterday I had asked Edna’s teacher if she is ready to go full session (3hours) already? and teacher think she is fine and so we decided today she goes for full session… but end up she was sick… started w a sneezing spell.. and we thought we wanted her to go for massage for her night terror as well… for some reason she started crying badly at night.. worse than before!! Before I knew it she was barking away. It occurs to me that she is having croup attack. she only felt better when she slept on my lap.. snore right away when  placed on my lap. otherwise she was struggling in bed. Poor girl… she did not have cough and so I was surprise she had croup. Was thinking of sending her to the hospital but… she did not seem to get worse… by next day she was ok! least for some wet nose.

Staying home with her whole day after going to school for 4 days is no joke. especially I been busy with baking chinese new year goodies plus her constant cries at night tires me out. I decided she doesn’t need to go to school or does she need to go to the doctor( I think I need thou)

So I continue with her flash card activity which we started recently… she had gotten to recognize some words (I think) … need to do it the fun way else she probably doesn’t want to read with me…

Here is Edna reading herself after I went through with her. she spells them then read thou at times she gets them wrong(bet she guessed them all!)..but I told her its ok.


Sometimes she ask her friends..the angry birds to join in her reading n studying session.

She is very good with teaching them maths.. counting that’s it!  I wonder if the birds are bored??

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First day of school (AT LAST)

Its my little girl big day. she is finally going to Nursery one! 6 months ago I already pre emp her soon she will go to school without mama… she knew i have to wait outside, she knew she have new friends and teachers… until…. the week before school starts.. whenever I said she’s going to school..she thought school means going for music class and started telling me in school there is ‘allegro’ and ‘lento’

Anyway she did well for first day, with me and papa sitting at the side of the class, she played alone most of the time and followed the teachers instruction

waiting to go home at last!

she will be led together with the rest to the drop off point then I pick her from there.

she was anxious at first and keep calling for mama to join her… but after a while she knew I can’t and she proceeded with her own activities.

When i asked her if she wants to go to school again tomorrow?she said yes… im not sure if its the school is interesting or is she relieve that no mama is around to nag or scold her? we shall see =)

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