First Meet The Parents session

Today is a big day for the lil girl… her first MTP session… big day since it determine mama’s impression of both the school as well as her child’s learning ability

I was geared up for some complaint which luckily did not exist.

Instead I was reminded by the teachers that Edna went to school not knowing any chinese. Her form teacher who is a chinese teacher had problem giving instruction to her, to the extend of having to speak english to explain. 3 months on, she is well verse in speaking chinese as well as reading. Even singing of chinese songs in school, she could pronounce the words pretty well.


The only problem if regarded as one would be she can hardly stay focus when playing toys or eating. Easily distracted. It seems like its in her character that she is so… pretty hard to improve. Otherwise during lesson time she is pretty focus and keen to participate.

Before we left, I request for photo taking with her teachers.

Thanx to the 3 delicate teachers (4 in fact since Mrs Chan had left the school this term) that help groom my child to a big kid.

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