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Witch Mama

I notice every time when papa is not home due to work commitment.. I will turn into a witch mama… I will be less tolerant with Edna. I refuse to be more lovely dovey to her instead since im the … Continue reading

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Talking to your child

I talk a lot to Edna. like I mentioned in previous post.. I sing to her once I knew I conceived… so do I talk to her. After she was born, I continue with all the talking..when I pushed her … Continue reading

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My lil sweetie

I always sing twinkle twinkle to Edna, since the day I knew she was conceived. One night.. Before she slept… I saw her signing to herself twinkle twinkle… She was singing to herself to sleep(she couldn’t speak then) Fast forward … Continue reading

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Was checking on Edna just now knowing she’s not asleep.. I want to see what sort of act she will put up today to pretend to sleep. As I went in, I could hear the blanket flipping fast…. She hide … Continue reading

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Our First (movie) Date

I had the first movie date with Edna today… GV had the mummy and babes event and I thought it will be nice to go since we are pretty bored up at home… and I decided she shall not go … Continue reading

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Most of the time int his 2 years, we try to praise Edna as much as possible. hoping that it will create positivity in her life. Of cos at times when she is naughty, we scold or punish her as … Continue reading

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Pretend pretend…

This lil girl had learnt how to PRETEND! Thou only pretending to sleep. A few occasion when it was nap or bed time, she was left to sleep by herself as usual. Once I told papa that she’s not asleep … Continue reading

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