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More Rant

Im getting grumpy!! well.. who doesnt when they haven’t been sleeping well?? Was out with Edna for dinner with girlfriends last night.. was forced to bring her along since papa wasnt around. Knowing her… and her greedy mind.. I walk … Continue reading

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crying spell

This girl caught the crying spell AGAIN! She been whining n crying for me for days! she even got jealous when I carried Xavier last night and when I was hugging Tomi in class today! She only wants me to … Continue reading

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Its Mid Autumn once again.. Edna’s 2nd Mid Autumn. We got both a paper lantern as well as a battery operated one for her. The battery operated one was courtesy of Gong gong. Paper one usually uses candle, which is … Continue reading

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Crying Spell

This girl been on crying spell for days.. .i dont think its due to her runny nose… dont know whats up with her thou she will cry for at least half an hour even with me carrying her. I gave … Continue reading

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Long when i was preggy with edna I started to do some research on home schooling stuffs. Not that she isnt going to school. She started going to play nest at 9 months. More like since i am a SAHM, … Continue reading

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Simple Snacks

Edna runny nose is much better now, thou I am still monitoring her condition. She was still cranky last night. No fruits and yoghurt for her still. When we have our meals will be a headache then. I trying to … Continue reading

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Caught the bug again (rant)

As the title suggested.. Miss Edna is down with the flu bug… She was cranky the whole of last evening and kept crying in her sleep last night. Did not occur to me she might have caught the bug despite … Continue reading

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