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Been so Long

It has been quite a while since I last blogged bout the lil gal and all our activities… we had quite a dramatic 3rd quarter of the year. Lil missy kept falling sick… flu, fever, hfmd, bronchitis then UTI and … Continue reading

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First Meet The Parents session

Today is a big day for the lil girl… her first MTP session… big day since it determine mama’s impression of both the school as well as her child’s learning ability I was geared up for some complaint which luckily … Continue reading

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Ballet updates

It been 3 lessons since the first ballet class..not all is smooth sailing.. she wasn’t attentive in class.. running around not taking instruction… I punished her for the rest of the day after that class. the subsequent class(last week) was … Continue reading

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Mama I want to go Ballet class!

I don’t know why..but the ballerina fever is back..the last time she was mad about ballerina wast before she turn 2… that was because she watch Angelina Ballerina and so she had a birthday cake with that figurine. For past … Continue reading

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My innocent lil fella

We were at the resort having a staycation. Bugger requested for pizza… because lunch at HRC was lasagna and she requested to use her hand to eat .. all because there was tomato sauce on it and she say it … Continue reading

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Edna loves play doh.. and so when she received a play doh set from 1 of her fave aunty for xmas.. I know she will b v please… but the mess… im not going to be pleased. so I kept … Continue reading

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Took out the hama beads for the lil fella to meddle with..she kept asking me to buy when she was at the shop the other day.. so i took out… I was a bit kiasu i guess.. I gave her … Continue reading

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