Been so Long

It has been quite a while since I last blogged bout the lil gal and all our activities… we had quite a dramatic 3rd quarter of the year. Lil missy kept falling sick… flu, fever, hfmd, bronchitis then UTI and flu again all in a span of 2 months.

And so we spend less than half a term in school for term 3!

We survived the sept holiday alone as papa was away up north and we had a pretty fun time as Edna kept asking to stay over at popo’s house so mama got some free nights to rest and self entertain.

We also had our 2nd meet the parents conference in school and all was fine and good. In fact teacher said she had made a lot of improvement in terms of sitting down properly. From ants in pants to now she probably turn her head around occasionally.. Its a great improvement.

We haven done anything NEW in terms of academic as i gave her a summer break of 3 months! and so ‘class’ just resume at home! But we have decided to do away with her ballet for now. she can join the school’s ballet class next year!


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