Day 5 of school

Yesterday I had asked Edna’s teacher if she is ready to go full session (3hours) already? and teacher think she is fine and so we decided today she goes for full session… but end up she was sick… started w a sneezing spell.. and we thought we wanted her to go for massage for her night terror as well… for some reason she started crying badly at night.. worse than before!! Before I knew it she was barking away. It occurs to me that she is having croup attack. she only felt better when she slept on my lap.. snore right away when  placed on my lap. otherwise she was struggling in bed. Poor girl… she did not have cough and so I was surprise she had croup. Was thinking of sending her to the hospital but… she did not seem to get worse… by next day she was ok! least for some wet nose.

Staying home with her whole day after going to school for 4 days is no joke. especially I been busy with baking chinese new year goodies plus her constant cries at night tires me out. I decided she doesn’t need to go to school or does she need to go to the doctor( I think I need thou)

So I continue with her flash card activity which we started recently… she had gotten to recognize some words (I think) … need to do it the fun way else she probably doesn’t want to read with me…

Here is Edna reading herself after I went through with her. she spells them then read thou at times she gets them wrong(bet she guessed them all!)..but I told her its ok.


Sometimes she ask her friends..the angry birds to join in her reading n studying session.

She is very good with teaching them maths.. counting that’s it!  I wonder if the birds are bored??

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