First day of school (AT LAST)

Its my little girl big day. she is finally going to Nursery one! 6 months ago I already pre emp her soon she will go to school without mama… she knew i have to wait outside, she knew she have new friends and teachers… until…. the week before school starts.. whenever I said she’s going to school..she thought school means going for music class and started telling me in school there is ‘allegro’ and ‘lento’

Anyway she did well for first day, with me and papa sitting at the side of the class, she played alone most of the time and followed the teachers instruction

waiting to go home at last!

she will be led together with the rest to the drop off point then I pick her from there.

she was anxious at first and keep calling for mama to join her… but after a while she knew I can’t and she proceeded with her own activities.

When i asked her if she wants to go to school again tomorrow?she said yes… im not sure if its the school is interesting or is she relieve that no mama is around to nag or scold her? we shall see =)

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