It’s the school holiday… Xmas is around the corner… Mama haven’t got the mood to teach Edna anything… loads of shows in the various malls to catch!

Before I had a child… when I see people queuing for shows… I would think they are MAD… oh well… now its my turn… I guess one who isn’t a parent will never understand the ‘thrill’ of the kid attending a show… We went for some shows previously like Mickey music festival theme, strawberry shortcake, sesame street, pooh bear… but it’s usually not  at the same period of time.

This time around, things are getting fun since I got a schedule of what’s going on at which mall… we kick started with strawberry short-cake at the airport since her music class was postponed to a later date.


then it was Winx, never mind that she doesn’t know them.. it was more like she asked to go out (we been hiding at home for days cos papa been busy at work) she enjoyed the dancing thou mama promise not to let her watch win at home cos the girls are far too sexily dressed! =p

She was still quite new to meet and greet thou we did it a few times previously and so needs mama to go with her.

Then came angry bird which she likes. I had to q for near 2 hours with her.. lucky I brought back up… popo!!! so 1 of us gave her lunch while the other q and vice versa. she did not quite understand the show but she enjoys the photo taking… Popo tag along with her so she gains a bit of confidence…

Then came the Hi 5s from Australia. Hi 5 is important in me and Edna’s life. its 1 of the only dvd I bought for her to watch, at popo’s house. she loves it at popular bookstore when she first saw it and without fail she goes in there to watch whenever we are there. A dvd of such at popo’s house serve like an incentive for her when she stays over since she don’t get it to watch at home. she usually cries when we try to leave the house without her or we have to sneak off. these days she happily leaves with popo or say bye when we want to leave… probably due to hi 5!!!

When I heard Hi 5 is coming to have a live show(more importantly its free!!), I couldnt help but got papa to go with us to q!

We went up as a family for the photo shoot! im surprise Edna allowed the cast to carry her!

I must say the hi 5s are really good, never mind that they are not the exact same cast that Edna watch on dvd, but she enjoys it too much! that we had to go a few more times!

This time round, she is ready to go alone! my lil girl is really growing up!!! she was so looking forward to it!!!!

The next few times, we met some friends who couldn’t get the meet and greet pass and we gladly share the opportunity with them.

She asked to go again n again..until I had to tell her they don’t stay in Singapore.. they are here just for a visit.. and so we can only go 1 last time… and wait for them to come again next year!

and so we went for a total of 4 times! phew… and off we go for other shows…

There is a barney show…

yes she went up alone!!!!

A dora show as well as a jungle theme party with Dora and friends (save me a chance to q for meet and greet separately!)

A last-minute Hello Kitty show told to me by a mummy I chatted with at the barney show!

it was a surprise for Edna as I wasn’t sure if we could make it… luckily we did and after the meet and greet while we were going for dinner she burst out crying… mumbling no more kitty… I never knew she like kitty so much!

we caught a total of 13 show in 6 weeks @-@ and we are looking forward to more in the next 2 weeks. sesame street and Angelina ballerina.. (i think there is more??) there after I hope we go back to the routine of studying and playing at home again.

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