Pretend pretend…

This lil girl had learnt how to PRETEND! Thou only pretending to sleep.
A few occasion when it was nap or bed time, she was left to sleep by herself as usual.
Once I told papa that she’s not asleep yet, but papa claimed she is already asleep when he went into the room to take something. He saw her with eyes closed, not moving, in the dark. But I saw her tossing and turning via web cam! It was a first sign of pretence!

Many days later, during her nap, I saw her toss n turn for the longest time! Yes I like to spy on her 🙂 the moment she heard the door, she stop moving immediately! I had to lure her out of her sleep and warn her I know she is pretending! She giggled.

2 days ago, I saw her monkeying about at the end of the cot, standing up. I had to go in n give here a scolding as usual so I dash it hoping to catch her red handed…. Guess what? She DIVED into her mattress, backwards, in what the very common Army terms, “pumping position down” style… With a bang slam on the cot’s base. Pretending not to move of cos. I couldn’t control my laughter…I tot she was really funny…
Every now and then I go in and check on her to make sure she try to sleep. Unlike in the past which I would not dare to show my face during bed time or nap time in case she cries. Now she knows she need to sleep or at least stay in cot till time is up!

Does this means it’s time to move her to a real bed?

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