Breakfast are usually a chop chop affair for Edna since I will not have time to do any cooking. I know of mummy who does scramble eggs for the tods! LOL

She self wean herself off her Happy Bellies Cereal couple of months back.. she just refused to eat! and so I turn to Weet Bix. Its similar to cereal consistency after adding mix and giving it a stir. Just add some cut fruits and there she goes!

I will make 160ml of milk, mix in half of the milk to the weet bix, for the remaining she drinks it 1st, before eating. She takes less than 30 sec to finish the milk via her straw cup. There I feed her the cereal. Usually she takes about 10 mins in all to eat her breakfast. Unless she is not well! And usually she have eh same fruit for a few days until she finished the whole stash in the fridge before she get a new variety. So far she had tried half a donut peach, watermelon, strawberry, honeydew, blueberry(she dun fancy it) and mostly golden kiwi. was told golden kiwi is less sourish…

This is her Breakfast today!

Weetbix with half a kiwi and a huge strawberry!

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