National Day Cele(dation)

Yesterday, We were invited to Serene’s house for a play date w her friends!

She said its national day play date! FUN! Of cos how can I not bake something for this occasion since I know my busy sis will be too busy to cook alot of food! So I bake them a orange butter cake!!! Of cos, with the kids around.. We definitely need some nice decorations!!!! I guess the 2 yr old tods are all taught in 1 way or another whats our National Flag is like. So I did a simple Singapore flag to mark the occassion!

Xavier was thrilled to see the flag!! When i ask him what is this? He said: Singapore Flag!
Im so waiting for this day to come that Edna can reply me so! That will be the 46th National Day I guess!!!!!

Loads of kids tat day…. and Edna def had fun with all the kor kor and jie jie ard!

Many thanx to 2 mummies who gave out the goody bags too! thou Edna cant eat most of the snacks! hahaa…

The Kids engrossed with Thomas the Train CD

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