Self Feeding

Today marks the end  of Edna’s 13 month and I thought since Im free, why not let her try self feeding? It will keep my hands free when I am eating with her outside if she can self feed properly… I always wish I got 3 hands and 2 pairs of eyes so I can feed both myself and her together.

I started off with blueberry, thinking I can encourage her to touch the darker color stuff like paint n etc too.. Too bad she got scare off by the so black blue berry LOL

So I run off to the kitchen to get some apricots for her. And well it did the trick!

I run thru my bento box and dig out a small(yet wide) food pick. I choose a small one since a long one will means she have difficulties judging where to put into her mouth. so this one is a good start!

She need some effort to grab the pick at 1st. But after 1 try..she got the hang of it… and began to put the apricot into her mouth very fast.She still doesnt know how to poke the fruits yet thou (this is another mile stone i guess?) so after every mouthful, I need to poke the fruits for her. Quite fun since it was a boring afternoon at home and I tried to video down what she was doing too. and she stood up in her chair n did a dance before she sat down for her next mouthful. Cheeky!

She did well i must say… and not much mess since I was supervising her. On standby is a piece of wet hanky in case she dirty her hands and wipe on her legs or clothes(which she did!)

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