Suddenly..this girl doesnt seem to have any significant milestone after her birthday!

I take her 1st words were ‘kor kor’, ‘car’, ‘isk” aka fish… since she barely call papa or mama. These 3 words are the most commonly mumbled by her. She sees Xavier..she say kor kor.. and when she see fish, she says “isk”…

Not until the recent few days…. she started with her ‘nan nan’ which actually means milk for some babies. But we have never use this I do not know how/where she derive this from. Further confirmation was when her meal time is near.. she will muttered ‘nan nan’ asking for food… happened for all 4 meals today. And when we were at the coffee shop buying food, she spotted the musical car, and there she pointed n say ‘car’.

And she finally cold push herself a little forward in her toy car! YAY!.. but that also means I need to watch out for her zooming around the house very soon!

Happy girl at last!

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