I tot Edna was warmer than usual yesterday evening. But papa dismissed it for the warm weather. By night time after we went out for dinner at city square… the temperature seems to have climb. after temperature taking… 38.2 degree!! pumped panadol before she goes to bed… by midnight all was well.. no fussing!! But the nightmare isnt over! When i woke up in the morning to prep her for school.. she was hot all over again! 39 degree!! panic mode! no car since papa is at work… so panicky that I dont even know if Dr Cheng is in anot..luckily he is in.. after I gave her breakfast (which she refused), gave her some panadol…. and took a cab down to East Shore. No other symptom except fever! Weird!! Dr Cheng mention could be some viral fever. Its her 1st time having fever since birth.. Even after immunization..she usually dun run a temperature…

Gave her MC since she skipped school.. And looks like she gotta give Juen’s party a miss too! I decided to go alone since it isnt very nice to miss the party since Gina had planned the table sitting nicely! I drop her at mum’s before I left for home to wash up and change.

When I got back in the evening… I saw the poor girl lying on the mattress… motionless… w a wet towel on her head. Sucking thumbs as usual. High fever again.. pump in the ibrufen for her… haiz… nightmarish… she is so sleepy… I got pretty worried since I am afraid her brain will be burnt! and so now im on night watch.. before I give her another dose of panadol and I go to bed! Wish me luck!

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